Adobe Premiere Pro – In depth

Group training on Zoom that allows you to go to the next level by learning more advanced techniques.

Course description

Chapter 5 - Interface 2.0

  • Getting started with panels with more advanced functions                                                         
  • Custom Workspaces – Preferences and Options

Chapter 6 - Advanced editing

  • Specific editing tools – Adding tracks
  • Shortcuts

Chapter 7 - Effects and Filters

  • Discovery of some style effects and how to apply them to a plan. – Discovery of some transitions and how to apply them to the editing
  • Discovery of some audio effects and how to apply them to sound

Chapter 8 - Effects controls & Motion

  • Discovery of the control panel and parameters of position, scale, etc. – Play with opacity, blending modes
  • Familiarization with the principle of keyframes

Chapter 9 - Exercise 2

  • Put into practice
  • Make a smooth edit using transitions and giving movement to shots (Ken Burns style?)
  • Rating and reviews

Chapter 10 - Finalization

  • Export panel
  • The different formats
  • Choose your settings according to the intended distribution medium

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