Webcasting and video production
studio in Montréal

A fully-equipped professional studio

Productions Arborescence has a multifunctional video filming, audio recording and webcasting studio. Our hardware includes the latest technology, a high-speed 1 Gbps internet connection and voice recording equipment.

The studio in our audiovisual production facility is fully equipped with:

  • Cameras
  • Mics
  • Lighting system
  • Decor
  • Desktop and laptop computers
  • Screens for presentations
  • Video mixing console
  • Sound mixing equipment
  • Control room

You’ll be able to produce and stream digital content of the highest quality with user-friendly equipment. Your final products will be popular and will stand out on the web as well as in the eyes of viewers!

A team of experts to back you up

Our qualified, enthusiastic staff can take on one, two, or all steps in your production. They’ll also make sure that your digital content matches your needs and your graphic image. You can trust us: our team of experts will look after you!

Our content creators, producers, stage managers, audiovisual technicians, editors, motion designers, artistic directors and all the rest will want to have a hand in the project. Giving assistance (and cooperation) are also part of our brand!

Opportunity to rent the studio

You can use the studio with Productions Arborescence’s specialists or rent it. This space is ideal for video production and webcasting projects, but the whole thing i s also available for rent with all the top hardware. In case of a rental, a technical director can also work with clients to steer them in the right direction. Do you have specific needs? With our à la carte formula, you can modulate your requests and do exactly what you have to (or want to!).

Our Montréal studio is also equipped for hybrid-mode (in person and virtual) live streaming over the web.

Get access to a fully-equipped filming studio

Our beautiful studio

Besides having everything you need for video filming, audio recording and webcasting, our studio has its own a distinctive style that never fails to impress. It’s in the heart of Old Montréal’s business sector, with brick walls and large windows for the viewing pleasure of all our clients and their webviewers. It’s flooded with daylight, and the lighting system allows us to create all types of atmosphere. Our studio is charming, and your digital content will be charming, too.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely! We will gladly rent to you our professional filming studio for several days without any problem. As for the price, it varies according to your needs. Each project requiring the rental of our studio is unique and many criteria may influence the cost.

To find out how much your rental will cost and how you can fully benefit from it, we invite you to contact Productions Arborescence today. An experienced member of our team will take your call and give you all the rental information according to your needs.

Of course. Our team of specialists is at your disposal whenever you need them. Productions Arborescence has a complete team of multidisciplinary professionals and collaborates with many experts from the production field such as: 

  • Content creators
  • Producers
  • Managers
  • Audiovisual technicians
  • Editors
  • Graphic animators
  • Art directors
  • Experienced cameramen
  • Sound engineers
  • Lighting designers
  • Directors
  • Makeup

Do not hesitate to discuss your project with our team. We are here to offer you a studio rental that perfectly meets your production needs.

Yes! Our studio is 100%, fully equipped. You will have access to the equipment and our team of specialists! Therefore, we offer you, according to your needs, the support of our team of experienced technicians and the rental of our equipment in part or in whole. You can also choose to use your own equipment if you wish. 

Our studio has state-of-the-art production equipment. Among our high-end equipment, you will find everything you need to produce video production or broadcast quality digital content such as: 

  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • A lighting system
  • Various sets
  • Many desktop and laptop computers
  • Screens for making presentations
  • A video mixing console
  • Equipment for sound mixing
  • A technical board